Manage and Respond to Patient Communications Efficiently

Initiate calls, manage texts, and view transcriptions all in one unified screen. Experience seamless communication with your patients like never before.

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Good medical care starts with great communication

We pair your patients with a Conversational AI that communicates with 24/7 availability. It's able to do digital check-ins and post- service billing follow-ups, just like your staff would.

Hi, I'm Taylor. I'm new to the area and looking for a healthcare provider. Is this clinic accepting new patients?

Hello Taylor, welcome to the area! Yes, we are currently accepting new patients. We have availability next week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Both morning and afternoon slots are open. What works best for you?

Let's go with Wednesday morning.

Excellent, you're scheduled for a consultation next Wednesday morning at 10:30 am. Please fill out our new patient paperwork here:

Scheduling & Referrals

Primary care providers have appointment wait times of over 21 days, and even those visits can leave patients feeling rushed. We'll help you manage appointments and intake paperwork, so you can focus on what matters most: your patients.

Patient Follow-Up

We'll help you keep track of your patients' health and follow up with them when necessary, based on your own advice and recommendations.

Eliminate Unnecessary Visits

We'll make sure that your patients are only coming in when they need to. We'll resolve your patients' minor issues and refer them to you when necessary.

Last Minute Cancellations

Keep your schedule consistently booked. We'll alert patients to open slots, enabling them to arrive precisely at their appointment time.